Digital Citizenship: Conducting Yourself in a Digital World

Digital Citizenship: Conducting Yourself in a Digital World


You will be presented with the concept that, just as in the real world we have certain rights, responsibilities, and standards of behavior as citizens, this is true in the digital world as well. This will be supported by looking at the similarities between the two worlds. Your understanding of what digital citizenship entails will be increased by examining its three principles, each of which is comprised of three elements. You will be counselled on how to practice good citizenship using each of the elements. The course finishes up with giving you exercises designed to reinforce the principles.

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Technology is constantly evolving, and access to the digital world is literally in the palm of our hands. We use it to learn, communicate, buy, bank, share, and socialize. Unfortunately, many people are not educated in appropriate technology use; others know but do not practice it. This course aims to increase your knowledge and appreciation of the practices needed to ensure you are a good digital citizen.